Car games

Most categories of car games have one thing in common; they all let you drive the best, funniest and best cars imaginable. Do you have a license to drive them? Ohh, wait, these are just games, who cares about the license... Although, if it were, you could get a license through driving school games. Every ride begins with starting the engine with a key, a button or a remote control. Then shift into a gear, stick the accelerator pedal to the floor and reach unimaginable speeds. It may happen in a few seconds, but this may vary depending on the car you choose in-game. Be careful that the car you choose is fast!

Car games are types of games that include drivable vehicles with 4 tires and seats that can increase from 1 to 8, usually designed for off-road driving experience.

games provide car games of all genders like simulator , arcade , racing or retro games . We have 1st person, 3rd person and top-down games, games designed in 2D and 3D playgrounds, as well as games with special vehicles such as Formula 1 , Nascar cars or monster trucks .

Become the King of the Road!

Playing online car games has an undeniable advantage; Damages that may occur to your car will not hurt you at all. No liability and no limitations! Get a cool car and drive it the way you want in Fast and Furious style. The need for speed will put you in many dangerous situations, of course including the police. One nice thing about car games is that you can choose the side you prefer. You can experience a police chase and play a role in the body of the cop, who is both a bad boy and a guardian of justice. Choose any side and become the king of the roads!

Sit behind the wheel of one of the fastest cars in the world and don't think too much. Play for free directly in your browser, no installation required! Drive and enjoy all imaginable cars thanks to car games .

What Are The Most Popular Car Games On Our Site?

Car games are among the most popular game formats. Browser car games reflect the same trend. Experience how they look and how fun they are. All games can be played for free with no need to install anything. Only 1 click required and you can play.

listed the Car Games that our site offers to its users, the editors' choices and the Car Games that many players love :

  • Adventure Drivers : Races are held in your city today and you can't miss this event. Control a car and dodge all incoming obstacles in this fun 2D game. There are 5 cars to reach the grand finale, so work hard. The better your position, the more money you earn.
  • It's time to test and challenge your hand-eye coordination as you try to drive on a challenging track in Drift Boss ! Driving takes practice, but you'll need more than that in this game. Get in the driver's seat, start the engines and get ready for a dangerous ride! How far do you think you can travel?
  • Highway Racer : Highway Racer is an enhanced version of the exciting Highway Racing Online. You have to drive your vehicle on an extremely busy highway and try not to get damaged by oncoming traffic! Drive through a multitude of cars and show off your driving skills by avoiding the cars and trucks that go by your side! In this enhanced version, you can play four different game modes, including a fun bomb mode where you drive a truck loaded with bombs. If you take damage or take a heavy hit, the bomb will explode! Use the money you earn in all four game modes to unlock new vehicles and customize your cars. You can even play the multiplayer version and compete against other players!
  • Racing Nitro: Navigate the race track with the arrow keys on the keyboard and do not crash into other cars that will slow you down in this car racing game . Make sure you get extra speed boosts to maximize your chances of winning!
  • Madmen Racing: Take part in one of the most extraordinary competitions you've ever seen in Madmen Racing. Normally the racers used to drive fast but this is not the case in this game. Position yourself at the starting line and prepare to meet many different characters. Can you beat them all and complete the various pieces with ease?
  • Wheely 4: Wheely 4 is Pegas Games' newest game in the Wheely series. Wheely broke his wheel this time. Can you help our favorite red bug visit the car repair shop?
  • Wheely 7: Play Wheely 7 online for free! The adventures of everyone's favorite red car continue in the seventh game of the beloved series! A lot has happened to him in his previous adventures, but nothing stops Wheely from wanting to experience more! Normally a trip to the bank should be uneventful, but you're in Wheely's world, where even the simplest things turn into an immersive adventure! After Wheely makes his deposit and returns home, he hears sirens from the bank. Sneaky cars have stolen every last penny and Wheely needs to catch them. Get your magnifying glass and your detective apron. Time to investigate!
  • : 16 cars are participating in the competition. To win, you must avoid collisions with the borders. Crashing into other cars energizes and destroys other cars, giving an increase in volume.
  • Lethal Race: In Lethal Race you have to finish in the top 3 to earn money that you can spend on upgrades. Earn nitro by doing moves like backflips. Have fun!
  • Construct a Bridge : Engineering is a great physics based game where you can test your brain. In each level you will have to build a bridge that can withstand the weight of a heavy truck passing over it. How you build your bridge is entirely up to you. There are connection points between which you can draw lines, these lines will form the actual structure of the bridge. Try different designs to find the strongest structure and let the truck cross the road safely. If your bridge isn't strong enough, it will bend and collapse under the weight of the truck. Good luck!
  • Parking Fury 3: Tap and rotate the wheel to turn your car. Tap the accelerator to go forward and the brake to go backwards. Follow the arrows to park your car.
  • Madalin Stunt Cars 3 : A great multiplayer free racing game similar to previous versions 1 and 2. It is a multiplayer car racing game where you can play with top-notch vehicles on different racing tracks. Car races await you on huge action-packed tracks in Madalin Stunt Cars 3.
  • Sky Dirver 2021 : In this GT Sky Racer game you will experience the real thrill of driving in the sky on impossible tracks full of amazing tricks and you will have to drive on crazy heights, huge roads. Be a furious driver while driving fast in tunnels and perform high jumps to pass the level. Increase your riding rankings with the longest and fastest jumps.

Are these games for kids or for adults?

The presented games are intended for players of all ages. As the difficulty of individual car games varies from game to game, we've expanded each game review for the age label by providing information on the minimum recommended age for the game.

Can I play car games with my friends?

There are 2 types of games you can play with your friends: multiplayer car games and 2 player car games . Multiplayer games are designed to be played with friends over the internet, while 2-player games are designed to be played on 1 keyboard.

How Can I Play Car Games?

Our selected games can be played directly in the browser on any device. There is no need for any installation or registration, so playing the game is very simple, just click “no barriers” and play. Due to our device-based filtering algorithms, the rendering of available games on PC and mobile browser may differ.