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Super Mario Game

Super , the most indispensable, most popular game of the 90s. mario game will lock you to the screen again with its old style. There is no one who does not play and does not know . game of mario . We have made it the number one game of the agenda for you again. It is a game that you will both return to your childhood and play with the same enthusiasm and fun while playing the game of the 90s that locks the screen. We guarantee that you will not realize how time flies while playing our game, which can be played at any age from seventy to seventy. Super mario While meeting with their fans, you, our esteemed game-loving friends, will have a pleasant time. What are you waiting for to play our game, which is very enthusiastic even when its name is heard. We are transferring our game, which will take you to the past by taking all your tiredness, from generation to generation.

Do you want to spend quality time with your child? For example, if you imagine that you are playing together and telling your past memories during the game. Or imagine playing with your friends while reminiscing about the past. We think that it will be the best for you, your environment and your soul . What are you waiting for to play the mario game? You can play by visiting our site, which is Turkey's best game site, to spend quality time and feel the peace of the past. Not only that, you can end your day having a lot of fun and relieved all your stress by browsing all the other games on our site.

Super How to Play Mario

super that you won't understand how time passes at the computer. Playing Mario game is much easier than you think. Let's take a look at how to play this game that you will play with excitement and pleasure with the keyboard. First of all, you can go forward with the arrow key pointing to the right side on your keyboard, and backward with the arrow key pointing to the left side. You can also lean with the arrow key pointing down. You can jump with the space key and you can throw a fireball from your mouth with the ctrl key. After the game starts, you can kill the creatures coming towards you by pressing on them, or you can continue on your way by jumping over them. You can collect the points inside by throwing your head at the boxes on you. You can increase your height by taking the mushrooms that come out of the boxes.

After you grow your height, you can get the flower that comes out by hitting the boxes again. Now you are stronger. because it 's super Mario can now shoot fireballs from his mouth. There is one more thing we cannot go without saying. You can press the bend button by climbing over the green pipes on your way. Even if not all of them, you can enter a completely different playing field by entering some pipes. You can add points to your score by collecting the gold there. Here the provincial level is over. You will play with pure attention . Mario game will never make you realize how time flies. At the end of the road, you will play with great ambition to save the princess who was kidnapped by the monster waiting for you. You are invited to our site for the game of mario .

Super from the 90's to the Present mario

Our lives may have changed completely from the 90s to the present. But with the unchanging inside, it 's super Mario is waiting for you. If you want to remember your old experiences, relieve the stress of the day and find little crumbs about your childhood, you can visit our website . You can play with pleasure by opening the Mario game. We are excited to share with you, our esteemed game lovers . Mario is waiting for your help to save the princess. Do not forget to visit our site to spend quality time and have a good time with your loved ones. Save the princess by passing the exciting levels. By finding the hidden boxes, you can increase your health and increase the chance of saving the princess. From the start of the game, you will pass through many challenging levels. In addition, you will encounter a lot of creatures that want to kill you. You can overcome them with cold blood. Remember to be careful.

Do not say that I know this game very well. You can burn at any time. Do not forget to reach the end of the game in the time given to you. Take care to finish the game with a higher score by moving fast by entering the green pipes and collecting the gold. In the second level, it is possible to collect gold thanks to the secret compartments between the blocks you will break. We wish you the best of luck as you fight the monster that kidnapped the princess, which is waiting for you just before it reaches the princess at the end. Happy ending when you dodge the monster and reach the princess. You are super In order to reunite mario and the princess, click the call button on our site immediately . You can start the game by typing mario . We wish you good luck, dear readers, dear game lovers, and recommend you to take a look at our other games before leaving our page.