Happy Snakes io Unblocked

Happy Snakes io

Hello, gamers. Do you like playing online games? We have added this game to Yupi. Before starting the game you are given the right to choose the skin of your snake and the size of the playing field. I chose a yellow-colored snake and a medium-sized playground at the beginning. Try these options to find the one that suits you best. The aim of the game is to have the biggest snake. So, you must eat the colored balls or eat the rest of the other snakes that have died. If you see another snake, get away from it because if you hit it you will lose the game. There are objects in the game that allow you to accelerate or protect yourself. Don't forget to take them. You can also accelerate by holding down the left click button. But as long as you do this, your height becomes shorter. On the game screen, you can see the map of the game on the bottom left and the scoreboard on the top right. Good luck everyone! If you like this game, you should try the slither io game on our website!