Madalin Stunt Cars 3

Madalin Stunt Cars 3

You racing and speed enthusiasts the opportunity to lock the computer and the language you use your car freely moment to provide Madalena i n Stunt Cars in front three. A new member has been added to the open-ended racing games series, which is a continuation of Madalin Stunt Cars 2, which everyone likes to play . It is a step forward as it offers you options that other games cannot offer and has an immersive nature. After playing for a while, everyone who plays car racing games wants to go out of the rules and drive off the repeating tracks. Madalin Stunt Cars 3 not only offers you a world that is independent of the rules and you can draw your own way freely. It decorates the world like a special gift for speed lovers with new tracks and creative ramps. 

You have a wide choice of vehicles. It offers 60 classic and sports cars, including a police car. You can select your vehicle before use and browse and start the game by changing the color as you want with the color adjuster at the top of the screen.The features of the cars may differ. If you want speed, I recommend sports and if you want maneuverability, I recommend you to choose classics. It also wants you to choose where you will be driving by offering 3 different maps. 

Among them, you can add dust to soil on runways, you can exceed the speed limits on asphalt tracks or you can fly from the ramps. You can change your vehicle by clicking the icon on the left of the screen during the game. You can start and stop the engine, turn on your headlights. You can drive from inside by changing the camera angles, or you can record these moments by creating a movie feeling. If you press the record button, you can save your rides and show them to your friends. The wide control possibilities it offers aim to increase the dominance of the game and provide you with the feeling of driving. If you want to accelerate more, my suggestion is to use nitro . You can use nitro and go to high speeds by pressing F key . Also, the fact that your game is available in 3D increases the realism a little more. Another feature is the multiplayer feature. After choosing your car, color and map from the start screen, you need to click on single or multiplayer options to enter the game. In single player mode, you are the only one on the whole map and you can drive as you wish. In the multiplayer option, you will be connected with other competitors who are connected online and will be with you. You can compete with each other or you can try and keep yourself alone on the map. 

No violent elements are included in the game and it is suitable for players of all ages to play. You can play with the help of your parents in your homes and with the help of your teachers in your schools .

The questions you frequently ask are as follows:


What is Madalin Stunt Cars 3?

  • It is an open-ended multiplayer car racing game where you can drive on obstacles, ramps and tracks, and you have many options on map and car diversity.


How to play?

  1. Come to the start screen, choose your car and color

  2. Choose from 3 different map options.
  3. If you want to play alone, click this option or multiplayer option to start the game.
  4. Start the engine with the I key, use nitro with F , brake hard with the space key and determine your direction with the arrow keys
  5. Drive freely, whether alone or with friends online.
  6. Do not forget to turn on your headlights if you want to draw attention.


Is Madalin Stunt Cars 3 multiplayer playable?

  • Of course. Our site is connected to different parts of the world over the racer can come together, you can compete and can fly off the ramp.


Is Madalin Stunts Cars 3 safe for kids?

  • Since it does not contain any violence, you can open the car racing game that is suitable for players of all ages, with the help of your parents in your homes, and in your schools with the help of your teachers and play with your friends.