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As a big fan of this game series, I must say that Tank Trouble is the best of tank games. First of all it has multiplayer option. Besides that, it has two different modes : two player mode and three player mode . You can really enjoy the tank warfare experiences while having fun with your friends. Now about the game itself, as the name suggests, this game is all about tanks and their battles. The action takes place in the arena where different players control their tanks and do their best to destroy each other, the winner will be the one who can make it to the end.

It's actually quite simple, avoid enemy bullets, hide behind walls, wait for the right moment and attack.


Tank Trouble Game How to Play?


Do not rush to the battlefield, look around, carefully learn and analyze each part of the map and choose strategic positions. Try to choose boosters, use them wisely. Remember the game bounces, use this feature and try to master it.


Tank Trouble Multiplayer


 Another great feature of Tank Trouble is the multiplayer feature. It allows three different players to play together, you can fight each other and test your gaming skills. It's always fun to play games like this with your friends. The game has different strategies, some prefer to hide, some prefer to run towards their enemy and engage in close combat. You must choose the strategy that best suits your game and follow it towards your victory.

Apart from the strategy of the game, there are a few tricks I would like to discuss with you : There are different power-ups in the game that you can collect and improve your weapons, some will give your guided missiles, others the opportunity to throw laser beams at you, etc. will give features. Choosing these weapons can change the outcome of the game. You may have noticed that the bullets you throw at the walls bounce back and fly in different directions. You can use this feature of the game in your favor. So how can we do this? You can calculate the angle well and destroy your opponent without exposing yourself to their fire.

The two tricks mentioned above are your path to victory, if you manage to find other tricks or strategies, feel free to use them! Tank Trouble For more details about it, visit the 'Power-ups' page, you can learn interesting details there. You can also learn more about ' Tank Trouble Game modes ', if you have some questions about the game, you can find it in the continuation of the article.


Tank Trouble : Make Your Strategies Talk!


Tank Trouble is a successful online tank war game where you can drive vehicles in a fantasy world and send explosives like missiles to your enemies. Tank Trouble pits you against successful army generals in tactical operations on lifelike battlefields. In the single player mode , you will fight Laika, who is becoming a war genius. Also in multiplayer battle mode You can compete with one or two friends . Special items like rockets, impact bombs or double canons seem to give you an edge over your enemies. Before firing a burst, you must make sure that the missiles do not bounce off the walls and destroy your own tank.


Tank Trouble Single Player?


You control your tank with the arrow keys in solo mode . You shoot with space. Move through the field to find your enemies and shoot at a weak spot before they point their canon at you.


Tank Trouble Multiplayer?


  • In multiplayer mode , player 1 plays with the "WASD" keys for driving and the "Q" keys for shooting.
  • Player 2 uses the arrow keys and space.
  • The player can play with 3 mice.


Who Designed the Tank Trouble ?


 Tank Trouble , Danish Mads Developed and published by Purup game development and design company. Play Tank Trouble online for free . Our Yupi address is the largest online playground. Want to discover more great games? You can browse the Yupi homepage with our latest and up-to-date games or start exploring on our page with popular games.

Tank Trouble is an epic top-down tank warfare game. Unlike your typical tank, the shells you fire bounce off walls like bouncing balls. Using this physics, you must destroy your opponent before they can overtake you. You can play local and online multiplayer, as well as single player and Laika.


How to Master the Tank Trouble Game?


takes a few tweaks to get used to the controls in Tank Trouble . After that, the game is pretty simple. To move, simply use the arrow keys. Once you get used to it, you will be able to move more agile and faster to defeat your opponents.

local multiplayer mode , you share the keyboard with your friend to play against them.


Tank Trouble Weapon Types


Tank Trouble , but there's also a whole lot more. As you roam the field in your little war machine, you'll find boxes full of new weapons and power-ups to gain the upper hand against your enemies for a limited time.

What are some weapons you can find? There's a Gatling gun that fires plenty of bouncing bullets . It's a bit unpredictable and may eventually come back and explode in your face. There's also a high-powered laser that destroys anything in its path .

also expect to find guided missiles , fragment bombs , RC missiles , shotguns , and a pretty powerful weapon, a death ray , but it takes two seconds to recharge before it can fire.


Tank Trouble More


You can customize your tank with attractive cosmetic items, some of which are rewarded for reaching a milestone. If you log in, there is a great selection of aesthetics to style your tank.


Tank Trouble Features


  • Simple but fun and addictive battles
  • Local and online multiplayer for up to 3 players
  • Rewards for achieving certain achievements
  • Play in singleplayer against Laika, a highly trained bot


Release date

May 2015

Platforms You Can Play

Web browser (desktop and mobile)

Tank Trouble Current Version

Join the battle in the Tank Trouble game version 4.0. It is a multiplayer browser game with many different maps that make it impossible for the game to be boring. Battleground is like a maze, so it makes it harder to reach and blow up opposing tanks. There is no base to protect, so your only mission is to attack and destroy.

Since it is a multiplayer game, you can play with up to two friends or against the computer (Laika) if you are alone. After a while, when you jump into the game, scattered bonus boxes will appear on the map, when you pass over them, your tank will gain a special power that can easily destroy other players. Use your bonus weapon wisely.


When you play against the computer: Arrow keys to move, M button to shoot.

  • Player 1: Left/Right and Up/Down to move. M button to shoot.
  • Player 2: Arrow keys to move, M button to shoot.
  • Player 3: Use mouse to move, click left mouse button to shoot.

Tank Trouble History

Tank Trouble was developed for PC in 2007 and finally for iOS in 2012, while the Android version was developed in 2014.